Relationship Goals and Ribeye Steak

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If you have a love affair with steak like we do, here is a heated experiment to prepare for Valentine’s Night or Steak & BJ Day, with Dance-Pop pairings like Maroon 5 & Sza, Sofi Tukker & Nervo, Disclosure & Sam Smith, and The Weeknd & Daft Punk.

My partner and I perfected steaks over a year ago when we were finally turned onto reverse-searing. It’s rare occasion that we ever have the need for a restaurant steak anymore. A recent entry in Cook’s Illustrated, “Breaking the Collagen Code,” made me want to experiment further. The article was focused on a 5-hour brisket, but I thought, “Why not do this with a 20-miniute ribeye?”

And so, a controlled experiment:

Steak 1 (our usual) –
Baked at 250-degrees for 20 minutes

Steak 2 (our experiment) –
Put into a 325-degree oven, immediately reducing the temperature to 200-degrees and baking for 20 minutes

Both steaks were salted before baking; then seasoned using olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh thyme, and fresh ground pepper before searing; Seared in a good, hot pan, and finished with butter toward the end.

That’s fuckin’ teamwork! (Sorry, Tenacious D is not on today’s playlist.)

(Img 1: after baking/before searing; Img 2: finishing the sear; Img 3: Served)

The results: 

Too soon to call. Steak 2 was notably more tender (you can blatantly see that in the pictures), but could it have been the meat itself? Was one ribeye simply better than the other? Was it the meat or the method? What do I do — try again in a few days? How dare you! …Okay, I will.

Regardless, make your loved one (or yourself) a steak using either one of these methods, and happiness will erupt.

To be continued….


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