How to: Al Dente Zoodles

…Because soggy zucchini can destroy your dish and make you wonder why you even bothered cutting the carbs. When done right, they make a delightful substitution. A popular veggie spiralizer is made by Paderno World Cuisine. I like tiny ones like this OXO Handheld Sprializer because they hardly take up any space in my cabinets; The trade-off is that they’re an arm workout. Oh, wait, we’re supposed to be exercising while cooking….

Al dente zoodles, quick and easy:

  1. Boil your zoodles for only about 2 minutes in salted water.

2. Transfer zoodles to a bowl of ice water, and let them chill until you’re ready to finish your dish. Strain thoroughly, and if necessary, use paper towels to get out excess water.

3. To get them up to temp, simply toss them in your heated sauce or other ingredients quickly before plating.


My latest creation was a LCHF Primavera with Argentinean Shrimp and Alfredo (pictured). I’ll post a recipe for that in a later blog.


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