Food for Thought: How I Beat Hypothyroidism & a Pituitary Tumor

For most of my 20s, I battled a thyroid problem and a pituitary tumor. Not once over those several years did a single one of my 4+ doctors take a look at my diet, not even my endocrinologist. They had me on medications for thyroid and for the tumor — which they told me I would need for the rest of my life — eventually to include many anti-depressants.

I eventually took matters into my own hands, and with the power of food, I healed myself. Do you know how I rid myself of all those issues? I changed my diet from low-fat, high carb, mostly vegetarian… to high fat, low carb, REAL food (e.g., nothing that comes in a box).

I have not been on any mediations for over a decade, and my pituitary tumor, my hypothyroidism and the consequent lump on my thyroid, my depression and my fatigue all disappeared. Did any doctors or specialists ask me how I did it? Nope. I was getting an MRI every year to monitor my tumor, and nobody said anything when it disappeared. 

Everything you eat directly affects the hormones in your body, and you can control them in positive ways, or you can contribute to your decline every day. It is not common knowledge, and doctors will not explain this to you. Do research and take control.


The above was posted on my Facebook recently, and I was so surprised by the comments I received that I knew I needed to share more. These included:

“Have you seen the movie ‘The Magic Pill’? Best line of the movie is when they say that every doctor in America should begin their exams with ‘What have you been eating?’ Keep it up, Sarah! Glad it’s working for you. We are doing it too!”

“I’m so happy for you! I did the same thing and I’m off all 5 of my meds they said I’d need forever.

“Well I will read the book, if you write it. Sounds completely against all dietary wisdom for 60 years. But it is probably the real deal.”

“I had a very similar experience with my thyroid, minus the tumor. My diet changed my life. The thyroid medications did nothing but make me feel mentally weird and horribly upset my stomach. As soon as I made a little healthier changes in my diet, the issue resolved. This year I fell off the bandwagon and admittedly ate a little shittier and my levels went up. I went back to changing around my diet, and it’s normal again. No crazy significant changes, just less fast food and I’m doing the keto (high fat, low sugar, low carbs) for the next couple of weeks. I don’t feel as bloated. It’s amazing how a little change can affect a body in a big way. I’ve never dieted before- so this is a new experience. It’s made me realize what I was putting in my body and how little energy I had. I was a non-believer before I tried eating cleaner, to be honest. Now I ‘get’ it. Interesting stuff.”

“I had acne and rosacea for years. Did an elimination diet for migraine and realized I was actually pretty allergic to a lot of so called ‘healthy’ foods, like strawberry, almonds, spinach and avocado. Stopped eating them and I no longer have tons of inflammation in my body causing acne, chronic migraine, rosacea, nerve pain. I also stopped taking many of the toxic medication used to treat migraine and after the withdrawal, and feel amazing. I used to need this medicine to live. Your body is trying to tell you something with pain. I only wish I had started listening sooner!”

“Common medical wisdom at the time prompted the high carb low fat diet. How wrong they were.”

“Wonderful. I have fibromyalgia that has gotten so bad since I moved to Cali. Months ago I started changing my diet and it has greatly reduced. Diet is so important.”

“Amazing story, yet I think many people have similar experiences. I had a issue with joint pain and the doctors talked about injections and possibly surgery. They never once looked at my diet. Exahusted I looked at my own diet and started cutting out caffeine, chocolate and sugars. It wasn’t long before the joint pain and a few other things disappeared. I think there is another factor at work here as well, many people do not have the will to change their diet in Ernest and fight the providers about it. Food is such an emotional thing for some.”


It’s nice to not be alone, but it’s also sad that this is such a common problem. We have to take our health into our own hands and not rely on doctors. Doctors are basically our employees, who are constantly mincing words to make sure they aren’t sued.

I’m no expert, and everyone’s body is different, but I can share what worked for me:

It started with the book The Schwarzbein Principle by Diana Schwarzbein, M.D.which opened my eyes to what happens on a cellular level when we eat certain foods and how fat is our friend, in a very easy-to-read manner. The book is probably outdated by now, and I wish she had a section on certain foods interfering with thyroid function (like soy or uncooked cruciferous veggies), but the resource was invaluable to me, and I still use it once in a while.

My second foray into fixing my health was the popular Zone Diet, which also integrated fats and trained me on the low-carb lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is a typical diet that gets lost in counting calories and the marketing of crap we don’t need. I will likely never touch a Zone Bar again. Still, at the time, it was hugely successful for me, and I never turned back to high-carb (i.e. a “normal” American diet), save for treats or cheat days.

Finally, I discovered, a site that simply encourages eating real food on a low-carb, high-fat diet (they also specialize in keto), and while most resources are free, the only thing they sell is an expanded membership to their website. There are endless testimonials from other people who have reversed their chronic diseases, like Type 2 Diabetes, using this “diet.”

I put that in quotes, because I never felt like I was dieting on this “program.” In fact, it changed my life drastically. I stopped counting calories 2 years ago, and have maintained my weight (after losing the initial few pounds that was my goal when starting) eating rib-eye steaks, hollandaise sauce, chicken with skin on, real butter in almost everything, heavy cream, and so on, every single day — Just take a look at the rest of this site for recipes that are great examples.


Thanks for listening, and please feel free to share your story. The best thing we can do is to share our experiences, so that others can get help. Sharing knowledge and experience is how we evolve.


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