Essential College Rock with Zucchini Osmosis

Playlist: Essential College RockI was as apprehensive about this playlist as my partner was about my roasted zucchini; I was expecting Nickelback and Pearl Jam, while he was expecting bland and soggy. We both came out pleasantly surprised by going back to school.

Comprising music that came out before my college years, this playlist’s 100 songs produced new-to-me treats as well as some hits. Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia” gave me a needed burst of energy, and U2’s “I Will Follow” had me swaying nostalgically. Human League’s “Being Boiled” brought out my Robot moves, while Violent Femmes’ “Blister In The Sun” provided the ultimate guilty pleasure.

And now for Science. It seems that I’ve been cooking zucchini wrong all my life. Thankfully, I was recently schooled by a prepping technique that is so simple, yet yields an exponentially better side dish.

  1. Cut your zucchini into halves lengthwise, and set them skin side down; Generously salt the zucchini; Watch the rad process of osmosis pull water out of your zucchini over the next 10-20 minutes.9Gm84wR2QCC7QVb3r3546g
  2. Wipe away the water and excess salt.VYGZJq28T%ql%p3vMNL
  3. Season and roast as usual. Enjoy crunchy zucchini.


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I hadn’t planned on writing a blog when I listened to this playlist and tried this new zucchini method, so I didn’t bother choosing a playlist that gave me any real Activity on my Apple Watch.
Over the last four years, my partner has done nothing but complain about zucchini… Until now. This was a serious breakthrough, and considering that I’m not the only one who ever made him “bad” zucchini, I know I wasn’t alone in my ignorance.
The final image above is the roasted zucchini, seasoned with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and parmesan. The main was a simple chicken breast with a mushroom sauce.

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