Cupcake Finger Sandwiches with Goth Industrial

You have two questions right off the bat: Does Goth, cupcakes, and sharing even go together? And is there really new Goth music being released in the current decade? Yes to both. My recent birthday at Beauty Bar in Las Vegas was all about life-changing Retro Bakery cupcakes and live performances by MGT and Jyrki 69 with Las Vegas’ own The Nocturnal Affair and Demon Scissors.

It is tradition on my birthday to indulge in Retro Bakery cupcakes, and since they put to shame nearly any other cupcakes on the planet (Sprinkles is garbage once you’ve had these), my mission is to have as many loved ones as possible try them. I’ve even included a cupcake tower when celebrating at XS while simultaneously working a Morgan Page show in my past life as booking agent. Life. Changing. Cupcakes. HAVE ONE!

Mini cupcakes are always an option, but take extra planning and money, especially when you want all the flavors. I could give people forkfuls of cupcake at a time, but that’s a mess and only acceptable in the privacy of home. Celebrating at a nightclub takes a little preparation and grace. Therefore, Cupcake Finger Sandwiches.

[Disclaimer: The cupcake used in the video is not Retro Bakery, solely purchased for the video, because I wasn’t thinking of blogging on my birthday. The picture of the finished product, however, is of glorious Retro Bakery cupcakes.]

Why do I remove some of the frosting? So that the stump will stick.






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