Cheese-Crusted Omelette with Saturday Night Fever

Behold, the Cheese-Crusted Omelette.

I’ve never been an omelette fan, because there’s never enough cheese, and they usually just taste like… eggs.

But this morning, Diet Doctor posted a recipe for a cheese-crusted omelette developed by their low-carb nutrition counselor and Art Director, Jill Wallentin, and I immediately made it. It’s pretty much what got me out of bed.

The result: Hands-down the best omelette I’ve ever made or had. The cheese adds not only the flavor I was craving, but a wonderful texture that is missing from many low-carb foods (crunch).

Pics below show my quick and easy process, and the original recipe can be found here:
Jill’s cheese-crusted omelet

Tweaks: I used sour cream in mine, because I was out of cream cheese. For my cheese crust, I used a blend of sharp cheddar, gruyere, and Swiss. And for seasoning, I used Trader Joe’s addicting Onion Salt and some fresh ground pepper.

Hint: My Scanpan was absolutely perfect for this job. (Links in this post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.)


Recommended listening:

Saturday Night Fever – The Original Movie Soundtrack

I’m guessing that you’ve forgotten what a beautiful song “How Deep Is Your Love” is, and also betting that you haven’t listened to the 8+ minutes that extend beyond the radio edit of “Disco Inferno,” therefore missing out on an incredible extended groove and some soulful inspiration. Do yourself a flavor and hit Play.

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  1. Just tried this and it’s delicious! I used sour cream also. I love how the cheese crust adds so much more flavor to the omelette.

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